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Sage 50 Accounts Migration to Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV)

Who are Fast Mover Tools

Fast Mover Tools supply a wide range of automotive refinishing tools and consumables throughout Europe via an authorised network of distributors.
These distributors typically are paint and motor factors, but they also supply a good number of tool shops and independent van sales operation.

Fast Mover Tools Ltd produces world class market leading products that are available globally through local distributors with local knowledge and strives with energy to be competitive and go that extra bit further to set themselves apart from the rest. A constant programme of diversification coupled with the ability to move with the fast-changing environment they operate in will ensure Fast Mover Tools Ltd will be able to continue successfully in the future without giving up its key values

FMT are currently developing a wider range of pressure feed spray guns and tanks that take them into commercial and industrial spray painting.

The challenge

Fast Mover Tools were using Sage 50 Accounts Professional, Act! CRM, and various manual spread sheets and processes.  This was resulting in a large amount of double entry of information and problems with extracting consistent management information.

The business was experiencing some unwelcome issues with accurate stock control. Sage 50 Accounts Professional could not accommodate their practice of utilising multiple bins and locations. Their involved warehouse operation was therefore vulnerable to the incorrect selection of items to fulfil orders (as cosmetically – some items looked similar and mistakes can be made). Returns are a costly interference to the sales process and no business likes to send out the wrong item any more than a customer wishes to receive one.
Remote access was becoming increasingly important with 2 key staff working off site and the ‘clunky’ VPN across the accounts and CRM applications was unsatisfactory.

The lack of a truly integrated CRM was hindering a complete, accurate and real time view of sales activity and the necessary synchronisation between Sage Account and ACT! was proving to be frustrating.

That said – the clue is in the name – Fast Mover Tools is a fast-moving business and any migration would need to be planned, precise and as painless as possible!

The solution
Sage 50 Accounts Migration to Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV)

Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Cloud Hosted (NAV is now part of the Dynamics 365 Business Central Suite)
Fast Mover Tools had identified that a migration from Sage 50 Accounts and ACT! to a reliable, consistent system would be necessary to support the growth of the business. The decision to be made was which solution and which business partner?

FMT and Qi spent time together discussing their current and potential future business needs, focussing on the suitability of Dynamics NAV hosted in the Cloud and how that would benefit their overall IT Strategy for the business.
With the whole company using Microsoft Dynamics NAV there would be increased visibility and traceability of the business processes because it uses a single SQL Database. Structured procedures and processes that link together along with improved capture of data would improve productivity overall and Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a system that is amendable and expandable as the business continued to grow.

NAV also offered scope to integrate with a web shop which Sage 50 was (and is) unlikely to be able to deliver without major levels of development.

The Sage 50 to NAV migration was also to include a move away from an on-premise server to a Cloud server. This would ensure that remote system access would never be an issue (even over lower broadband levels) and of course removed the need to replace an on-site server in the future or update and review server back up processes. FMT recognised the longer-term benefits of moving to Cloud technology now rather than risking being stranded in a legacy environment and embraced Office 365 as part of the bigger picture and this positive move.

The Data Migration was scoped and agreed in partnership. Fast Mover Tools cleansed their data and considered as a business what data they wished to move across to NAV. The QiMigrate Now!software ensured the safe passage of the specified data supported with rigorous testing by Qi and a final further test by FMT to ensure they were happy with the data that had been migrated to support their activities across the business.

Using the Qi RapidStart! methodology this project was completed in 6 weeks from FMT instructing Qi to going live (with training and data migration in between). The commitment of FMT to their project is testimony to the fact that projects do not have be protracted.

The outcome

Accurate, Reliable Stock Reporting!

Without having to change their processes in the warehouse NAV reports on Bins and multiple locations providing the vital stock information that businesses need to maintain stock levels in a business efficient way.

The Sales Reporting tools enables the MD to view the progression of the sales pipeline and see sales trends and sales team activity (including sales margins).

"Qi were true to their word and the migration journey was painless as promised. Migrating from Sage 50 to NAV has materially improved efficiencies across the business"

Brian Moffitt, managing Director