Jarvis Manufacturing Optimise Sage Manufactruing

Jarvis Manufacturing Ltd

Optimising use of Sage Manufacturing with Sage Business Partner, Qi Ltd

Who are Jarvis Manufacturing Ltd

Jarvis is an independently owned manufacturing business providing over 35 years of expertise in the development and manufacture of bespoke textile products.  Suppliers to the military in addition to commercial and industrial markets, Jarvis strives to provide the best products possible backed with the best customer service at a competitive price. 

The challenge

Jarvis, as a Sage 50 Accounts user, purchased Sage Manufacturing Controller to provide improved proofs and controls across their operation.  In short they needed MRP to support their operations. Manufacturing Controller presented as the most suitable MRP for Jarvis at that time as by design it offerintegration with Sage 50 Accounts which had been in use at Jarvis for many years.  Sage Manufacturing Controller provides functionality for both one off and batch manufacture thus is ideal for Jarvis who produces a range of off the shelf stocked items in addition to specialised solutions for customers such as the military and specialist packaging providers. 

As is often the case – any software is only as good as the implementation and training.  Following the initial software installation and training for which Jarvis worked with another Sage Manufacturing business partner the results were ‘underwhelming’.  Training styles did not appear to reflect a deep knowledge of the requirements of Jarvis nor had the impact Managing Director, Kay had expected. 

The Jarvis team remained unclear on how to make best use of Sage Manufacturing and how Manufacturing Controller and Sage Accounts worked with each other to provide the manufacturing requirements planning the business needed.  In short – the return on the initial investment was not paying back and Kay felt ‘short changed’ on her investment to say the least 


The solution
Optimising use of Sage Manufacturing with Sage Business Partner, Qi Ltd

Optimising use of Sage Manufacturing to streamline and automate processes 

Due to a change in its Sage portfolio, the business partner Jarvis had been working with, introduced Qi Ltd.  Qi Ltd are known within the Sage Business Partner community to be a time served and expert Sage Manufacturing Business Partner.  Working with and supporting over 100 SME’s in the UK over its 22-year long experience with the software, Qi’s commitment to providing the best optimisation possible for businesses who have invested in Sage Manufacturing 50 continues to remain a key business focus. 

Following an initial meeting  with Jarvis to understand the ‘status quo’ and further understand the nature of the business and immediate pains regarding streamlining and automating processes, Qi devised a training plan, supported by QiCover ensuring that the Jarvis team had the telephone and remote support they needed to get the very best possible from Sage Manufacturing Controller. 

Qi assisted Jarvis to master and understand: 

  • Working with the enhanced BOM function in Sage Manufacturing 
  • How to use functions like ‘changing views’ to allow the best understanding of data 
  • Working with standard reporting in Sage Manufacturing to support Management information 
  • Manufacturing requirements planning, forward ordering and human resources 
  • Operation times 

The outcome

The right training on Sage Manufacturing provides access to information for planning and management 

Jarvis is now using Sage Manufacturing Controller as comprehensively as the solution will allow.  The business is now realising a return on its investment and staff now understand the solution interface and how to get the very best information possible in the most streamlined manner. 

Jarvis can pick up the phone or email the Qi support team to reach out and get advice from a friendly, knowledgeable support team and now benefit from their QiCover meeting which is part of the support service, providing the opportunity for a face to face discussion to cover off any performance issues or desired areas of optimisation.  Jarvis and Qi have an open and regular line of communication and work as partners around Sage and Jarvis’s use of it. 



It was such a relief to find a Sage Business Partner who understood what information a business like ours needs to get out of an MRP system.  The training we had was relevant and we all understood the content and found it so useful and not boring and irrelevant as can so often be the case.  Sage Manufacturing is not perfect but at it works for us now and we now understand what it can do for the business and are making use of the features and benefits it offers. 

Kay Smith – Managing Director