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IT Strategy

Understanding Business Maturity

To understand, form and then deliver a suitable IT Strategy, it is key to understand the maturity of each business. Immediate requirements will differ greatly depending on where you are on your journey: launching, rapidly growing or already mature.


Qi will work with you to identify where your business is now – and crucially – where you want your business to be. By sharing your business vision, we can inform on, plan and deliver a strategy that reflects it with a suitable, scalable approach.


A good IT Strategy will serve as the foundation on which to build business success. It will include the hardware, applications and support you need to drive your business forward and will reflect a clear understanding of the relationships between the same.


We will work with you to understand the deliverables of the IT Strategy that will return the best value for your business. Our recommendations will always take into account your wider business strategy but that is relevant to your immediate requirements.


We will assist you in the process of considering and detailing what you need based on your business plans and your investment capabilities over the short (level setting), medium (future state) and longer term (strategic plan).


You need a roadmap that is clearly defined but which is flexible enough to accommodate any changing needs and circumstance that may arise. Qi will help you consider the ‘What If’ scenarios and ensure that your IT strategy makes provision for your need to react to your marketplace.


We work with our customers to help them form and implement their IT Strategies as partners. As partners we work as an extension of your staff. The definition of ‘strategy’ is a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim. We work with our customers for the long-term.

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