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Aligned, Accessible & Focussed

Qi believes that effective training needs to reflect the business goals of the customer and the business wide use of the software we are delivering training on. Training must also reflect the cohort and existing levels of systems literacy.


Whether your training programme with Qi is part of an initial project implementation or part of an optimisation programme to start using areas of the programme for the first time, we will discuss with you the required training objectives.

Training on a copy of YOUR data

Unlike many training offerings, the Qi approach is to always train on a copy of your data wherever possible. This provides an immediate familiarity for the training cohort, and it is proven that this approach enables information to be retained more effectively.

Logical, Methodical and Accessible

Qi delivers training logically, building user knowledge from the ground up. From basic navigation through to an understanding of the software as a whole, modules and functions are trained on using a diverse range of user accessible training methods.

the Bond

Qi delivers a hybrid of onsite and remote training sessions. Trainers better understand the cohort with initial face to face sessions and individual delegates are reassured that questions can and should be asked. The Qi Projects Training team understands that all individuals learn at difference paces and that no one should be left behind or feel they are failing in their training activities.


Whether face to face or via Teams, training is delivered with an approach of Show, Question, Do, Learn, Refer. Each project is supported by its own library of training recordings and learning through doing workshops to maximise on software ‘show’ training sessions. Training and workshops are supported with manuals provided by module and by topic.

Your People are your business

Qi has tried and tested training and optimisation programmes. Qi is also made of people who in turn, build an understanding of the people who make up your business. Tried and tested does not mean prescriptive and inflexible. We will listen to your thoughts and concerns regarding how training is delivered whether that be around disturbance to the working day or specific individuals or departments where needs may be different to the norm.

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'Due to the excellent training before our go-live day, we could get started immediately, reaping the benefits of our investment from day one.'

Michael Scott, Project Technical Lead, Robinsons Scotland Ltd

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