Qi Solutions Implementation

Going beyond software installation with Qi Projects.  

Software provisioning is only part of a successful implementation. Considering the six cornerstones below is key and working with a business partner who ‘speaks your language’ and can offer the implementation style right for your business is crucial. Our Solution Implementation is tried, tested and successful!


As part of the Qi Projects process, we work with businesses during their wider system review process to understand their current business processes: what works well currently, what requires key improvement and what needs a complete rethink. We help our customers define what is critical to the initial success of their project and how this success can be built upon.


Areas of key improvement and redefinition are then clearly scoped out in a working document that becomes the ‘blueprint’ for your project. This Statement of Work clearly lays out the agreed aims of the ERP implementation and a step by step account of how Qi will partner with businesses to achieve their goals, overcome their challenges and reap the benefits.


The Statement of Work will define the commitment that not only Qi will provide as part of your extended team but what our expectation is of the businesses we work with. We will clearly advise on the resources a business will need to commit, with a suggested timeline to ensure our goals are mutually understood and agreed.


Due to the way Qi plans and documents its projects, the discussed, intended outcomes of an ERP project are turned into Actions. So often, the commitment and drive in the selection stages of an ERP solution can become diluted and regularly lost altogether which weakens your return on investment.


A defined timeframe is crucial for project success. Our experience enables us to provide our customers with a project timeline which is realistic and achievable. Unexpected factors can of course alter the suitability of any timeline. We work in the ‘real world’ with our customers as reactive and supportive partners ensuring project focus is maintained in an empathetic way.


Our project training is always done using a copy of your data.  This aids training retention and places a 'real world' feel on training content.  Qi utilises a mix of onsite & remote training, using live workshops & learning through doing, all supported by your own video library for future referral.

Qi offers a choice of implementation options

From DIY implementation to Fully Partnered Implementation, we offer a range of implementation options to suit your business needs and budget.

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"I have been working with Qi for many years. I trust their advice as they have spent time understanding my business. I would never hesitate to recommend them!"

Adie Cleaver, Cleaver Scientific

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