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How much do you value your business data? Your Office 365 business data is invaluable and Microsoft now recommends that users of Microsoft Office 365 deploy a third party backup solution.

See the Service Availability section in the Microsoft published SLA

Qi have partnered with Datto, an industry leader in backup solutions to provide fully supported, comprehensive backup, enhanced anti-spam, malware & phishing  protection plus server disaster recovery.

Datto products will form part of your Cyber Essentials achievement strategy.

What Qi & Datto can deliver for your Business

Qi Office 365 SaaS Protect offers a granular restore enabling businesses to be selective about what they want to restore, and from which point in time they wish to restore from.

Qi SaaS Defence is the additional layer of security that provides superior protection from attack.

Fast, Logical, Compliant 365 Restore with Qi SaaS Protect

When Microsoft restores data for you it may not be in the files or folders it was structured in originally and this will likely result in you using your support company for some assistance which will may be chargeable.

All of your Office 365 data: email boxes, SharePoint, One Drive and Teams are backed up every 8 hours and the data is retained for a full 12 months.

Datto full server back up means no down time if the worst happens

Datto server backup provides you with not only an onsite hourly back up of your server via Datto hardware, but provides you with a Cloud copy of your server.  This means that if the worst happens and your server fails or is destroyed, your business is up, running and processing in minutes.

A unified backup provides you with a fast on site backup which is then replicated to the cloud. Disaster recovery at its best.

Data Restored in Hours Not Weeks

Initial response times from Microsoft are commonly 24 hours.
A further 24 hours is usual prior to receiving a ‘call to action’
Business may have to wait up to two weeks to get Office 365 data restored. Qi SaaS Protect ensure data is restored to a logical point in time,

Protection from human error

Over 70% of data loss in cloud applications is due to accidental or malicious deletion by end users.
It is usually more cost effective to maintain the email account of a ‘leaver’ in backup as provided by Qi Office 365 SaaS Protect, than paying for maintaining the mailbox of a member of staff who has moved on.

Protection from Malicious Activity

What would happen if someone deleted all their emails just before leaving your building for the very last time? Qi Office 365 SaaS protect ensures that you have a back up of their emails which cannot be ‘deleted’.

Microsoft's 365 SLA - does it work for you?

Microsoft undertake to protect you from

  • Hardware Failure
  • Software Failure
  • Natural Disaster
  • Power Outage

Qi SaaS Protect provides a focussed and controlled data restore and Microsoft actively recommend Microsoft Office 365 users deploy a 3rd party back up solution.

Qi SaaS Defence -Zero Day, Anti-Spam, Phishing protection

If you are a Qi SaaS Protect customer you can add Qi SaaS Defence for only £2.50 per month per user.  Datto SaaS Defence provides enhanced protection from spam emails and phishing activity.

When independent testing house Miercom evaluated Datto SaaS Defense it reported that 96% of Microsoft Office 365 related threats were identified by the software including threats that were missed by Microsoft’s native security.


What is the cost?

£2.50 a month per user will externally back up emails, Share Point, One Drive and Teams.  Add Datto SaaS Defence for a further £2.50 a month per user.  Contact Qi to learn which Datto server backup solution is the right one for you.


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