A day in the life of an MD and real time data access

Here is an interesting overview of how Sage 50c can support mobile access to accounts data while an MD is out and about.

Can you remotely access Sage Manufacturing data, easily and real time?

What the Sage document doesn’t highlight is that if this MD is in charge of a manufacturing business and uses MRP, then the ability to seamlessly access real time, accurate data is not as simple.

Sage 50c and interfacing Manufacturing software

If a manufacturing company, using Sage 50c accounts has also deployed an interfacing MRP, then it is highly likely that this MRP will be installed on an on site server.

By virtue of the fact that there are two databases interfacing, via an on premise server installation – accessing real time, accurate data across the business from a mobile phone or laptop will require a complicated private Azure cloud deployment which not only adds expense to the monthly overhead but which often provides a somewhat lacklustre performance.

A Day in the Life of an MD using a web browser accessed ERP

(Enterprise Resource Planning definition here)

An MD is overseas, appointed to meet with a potential customer in the hope of winning a large contract which he knows will require lead time commitments.

He has just been shown to reception and is awaiting the decision maker. 

He sees an email from his Sales Manager saying ‘Great news!  XYZ has just placed a massive order!’

This IS great news but how does our MD know what impact that new order has on his production schedule and thus his lead time for the customer he is about to meet with?

It is imperative that the expectation on delivery times he sets with his potential new customer at this this meeting is accurate and can reliably form part of the process that wins him the business.

When you use a web browser accessed ERP

Microsoft Business Central – a web brower accessed ERP

Once a quotation raised from Business Central is converted into a works order, MPS can be quickly re-run to give him a view of how he can accommodate the requirements of the customer he is about to meet with.  All this from his mobile, laptop or tablet and in real time.

Deal done! Thanks Business Central ERP!

With this deal successfully completed he is now going to meet his wife and children and take a few days well earned rest. 

However, as we know MD’s very rarely switch off completely. 

Whilst ‘resting’ our MD can still monitor all aspects of his business from his sun lounger/bar stool/darkened room via his mobile telephone or device and work if he needs to or not,if he doesn’t.

What our MD does have is complete peace of mind that even when away from the office he can still participate, real time in his business and process real time in the ERP that runs it.

Thought for the Day

Better to deploy a single database ERP, accessed via a web browser which will provide all staff from management to shop floor the real time accurate data required to make decisions and to be optimally productive.  Call Qi Ltd to understand the process of migrating your data from applications like Sage and being live on Business Central in typically, 20 working days. (Yes, really)