Assessing the Continued Relevance of Sage 200 for Your Business

Sage 200 evolved from Line 100 and for long standing Sage users was a strong choice if transaction numbers were high and multiple locations were required.

For Manufacturers, Line 100 did not offer functionality but with the launch of Sage 200, Sage developed Sage 50 Manufacturing to interface with Sage 200.

Sage UK finally came out of the MRP space in 2021 opting to work with third party vendors who author software to interface with Sage 200 or Sage 50 or sometimes both.

Sage 200 must be hosted on an Azure or a physical server if it is required to interface with any kind of MRP.

Sage 200 versus Sage 50

Sage 50 has the accounting functionality that most SME businesses require who do not have multiple locations, very high transaction numbers or who require over 20 users.

Sage 50 interacts with Cim50 MRP which provides all the functionality that Sage 50 Manufacturing offered and more.   These applications can be hosted on a physical server or on a suitably specified Azure server (the same as Sage 200)


With the transition to a subscription-only model for Sage 200 and Sage 50c Accounts Professional, businesses face a changing cost structure. While this may align with the industry trend, it prompts users to reevaluate their software investment against alternatives.

The subscription costs for Sage 50 and Cim50 are however considerably less than Sage 200 + 3rd party MRP

Consider these questions

Do you require the following?

  • Multiple locations
  • 20 plus concurrent users
  • High transactional capabilities


There would be value in exploring the benefits of migrating away from Sage 200 to Sage 50c Accounts Professional and Cim50 MRP.  Download the Cim50 brochure here.

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Then consider these questions

Do you require the following?

  • A browser-based solution to remove server hosting requirements
  • A solution available from anywhere with an internet connection from any device
  • A scalable solution to accommodate user number changes, up or down
  • A single SQL database solution that provides all business information from a single source


Despite a potentially long relationship with a Sage product it is likely time to review the marketplace and explore ERP solutions that are wholly browser based, offer full financials, manufacturing and CRM.

Microsoft Business Central logo

Think, ERP – Dynamics 365 Business Central

For businesses seeking a more modern, browser-based solution with seamless scalability and comprehensive features, alternatives like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central present an enticing option. With its integration with Microsoft Office 365 and AI capabilities like Copilot, Business Central offers a forward-looking approach to ERP. Download the capability guide here.

Thought for the Day

Qi brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, having navigated the intricacies of ERP & MRP solutions for over two decades. With in-depth knowledge spanning Microsoft Business Central ERP, Sage 200, Sage 50 Manufacturing, Cim50 and Sage 50c Accounts, Qi offers unmatched insights into the functionalities, intricacies, and best practices of these platforms.  Why not get in touch for an initial evaluation?  Take some time to read the Cim50 and Business Central guides and then call or email Qi.  We can demonstrate both solutions to you as part of your Sage 200 evaluation.

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