Is it time to upgrade to Sage 50c accounts on subscription?


From March 2021 there will be a loss of connected services for Sage 50c Accounts V26 and below

Many Sage 50 users opted to purchase the last version available for perpetual ownership – usually V24, although some customers managed to get their hands on V25 to own in very particular circumstances.

There have been some changes announced to Sage business partners like Qi and this article aims to explain what will cease to be available in older versions of Sage 50 accounts V6 and below.

Anyone using “Connected Services” will need to upgrade to v27 from March 2021 if your business will continue to need them.

What are Sage 50c Accounts Connected Services?

These are Sage Drive, Bank Feeds and Invoice Payments.


Removal of Legacy Features for Sage 50c Accounts


These features will no longer be available in Sage 50c Accounts.

If you are using V26 then you will already be on a Sage subscription plan and need to do nothing more than ensure you download the latest upgrade available to you.  If you have any questions regarding implications to other third-party software you may use which integrates with Sage 50 accounts, then please contact your relevant support team.

If you currently do not use any of the connected services available with Sage 50c and are using a perpetually owned licence,  then you can wait a little longer before moving to Sage 50c account subscription.  Once you have left your perpetually owned version of Sage accounts, you cannot revert to it.

 The Cost of moving of Sage 50c Accounts subscription

The move to the subscription model largely comes to down to increased ‘running’ costs for Sage 50c Accounts.  Historically, customers have paid a support fee to their business partner of choice for help desk support and then purchased an upgrade every 3 – 4 years.

Under the new subscription model, users will have access to all updates and upgrades released by Sage UK and have the option whether to take support directly with Sage UK or with their business partner.

The costs are the same accessing Sage 50c Accounts with Sage or through your business partner.


5 users Sage 50c Accounts Professional = £139.50 plus VAT a month.

Moving to the subscription model and accessing helpdesk support

Make the right choice first time!

It is worth considering that whilst you can move business partners for support should you choose to without any interruption to service on Sage 50c accounts it is not the case if you take your subscription directly with Sage UK in the first instance.  Sage UK are very keen to retain as many direct support customers as possible – and once you are contracted to them – it is very difficult to move your support elsewhere.  There will be a limited interruption to Sage 50c accounts if you move away from Sage UK for your support.

Payment for subscription is always monthly and in advance with a minimum 12-month contract which rolls over on a monthly basis thereafter, whether you take your subscription with a business partner or Sage UK, directly.

Thought for the Day

Our advice is to channel your subscription through Qi so that you can call the team for support.  If you ever wanted to move to another business partner or to Sage UK for some reason – you can, without any interruption to Sage 50c accounts access.  Get in contact with Qi if you want to discuss upgrading to the Sage 50c subscription model to access V27 the latest version released by Sage UK.



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