Qi Ltd achieves Microsoft Gold Partner status in 2021

Qi is pleased and proud to announce its newly awarded Gold Partner status.


What does ‘Gold’ partner status mean?

In the words of Microsoft business partners can:

  • Attain a gold competency to demonstrate your best-in-class capability within a Microsoft solution area.

Best-in-class capabilities

Across the Qi team we review and test new apps and functionality within the Microsoft stack, we consult on.  We keep our customers up to date on the new capabilities that are available within their existing licensing and on alternative licence types that will meet their needs.

Our time served experience, working with the manufacturing sector, and thus understanding its business needs has supported our continuous culture of learning at Qi, ensuring that our deployments of Dynamics 365 are not just an initial success at the point of ‘Go Live’ but continue to optimize as new ‘Wave’ features are released by Microsoft.

There are also other factors that contribute towards the coveted Gold Partner status

Microsoft Revenue Volumes

By virtue of the fact that Qi has achieved this status the message is: we have a large and growing number of customers using Microsoft products.  These products include Microsoft Office 365 licencing and Dynamics 365 Business Central licensing.

Customer Retention

Business Partners need also reflect that they not only bring customers into the Microsoft ‘fold’ but into their own.  The key weighting is retaining customers not merely ‘signing them up’.

Qi’s gold status reflects the fact that we not only successfully implement Microsoft solutions but provide the incredibly important customer service thereafter that forges strong customer relationships.

Customer retention has always featured at the top of our list of KPI’s.


The first customer Qi worked with, remains a customer today, 27 years later!

Finding the right Microsoft Business Partner to work with

One of Qi’s unique points of difference has always been that we are a big enough company to deliver projects and support our customers successfully but are small enough to facilitate direct relationships with our customers, as individuals.  We are now incredibly proud that this USP is further enhanced with Microsoft Gold Partner status.


Thought for the Day

If you think Qi may be the right Microsoft business partner for you, please get in touch with us?

We are a highly knowledgeable and approachable team, now with Microsoft Gold Partner status!