Sage 50 Data Migration to Dynamics 365 Business Central is pain free

Your data supports your business. You should be involved. Understanding the journey your data is going to make and having total confidence in the provider that is taking it on this journey, makes for a great relationship with your business partner and ensures you remain engaged with your project, albeit removed from the technical aspects of it.

The Data Migration element of any project should be a joint activity with your business partner being responsible for extracting and converting the data from your every day accounts/MRP package (Sage 50 for example) and you, the customer taking ownership of data cleansing prior to conversion to your shiny new ERP, Dynamics 365 Business Central.

So far, so good. Your business partner extracts, tests and converts the data.

The only caveat to this is undisclosed data sets you may rely on the content of which you also want to see in your new system. With this kind of data, as your partner we can discuss with you the most efficient way of extracting and then importing that data.

What is the ‘Activity’ for you, the customer for Sage 50 data migration?

You will be responsible for the following in relation to the data migration,

  • Cleansing the data before migration – it is a good opportunity to clear out any old or irrelevant data, ensuring the relevant data is complete and consistent.
  • Confirming the exact data to be extracted.
  • Testing the data has been imported correctly into the right corresponding NAV fields after the Test Data Migration has been performed.

The scope of the Data Migration is commonly based upon the following information which refers to a customer using both Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50 Manufacturing.

Where ‘All’ is specified this refers to all the transactions available in the current system dataset

General Ledger History Sage 50 All
Customer Records Sage 50 All
Customer Transactions Sage 50 All
Customer Credit Control Notes None Not considered as key data
Customer Notes None Not considered as key data
Sales Invoices Sage 50 All Any Invoices Must be updated to the ledger before conversion
Sales Orders Sage 50 Current The outstanding part of any Sales Orders will be converted
Supplier Records Sage 50 All
Supplier Transactions Sage 50 All
Purchase Orders Sage 50 Current The outstanding part of any Purchase Orders will be converted
Stock Records Sage 50 All
Stock Opening Balances Sage 50 All
Sales Price Structures & Discounts Sage 50 All
Bill of Materials Sage Manfacturing All
Routings Sage Manufacturing All

Sage 50 migration, the QiMigrateNow! software toolkit

So, what is it exactly? How does this help migrate my Sage 50 data?

MigrateNow! is a piece of software, developed by Qi to meet a need not readily satisfied within the Sage or Microsoft developer community. Other tools will migrate some of your data into Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS and On Premise) but not all the key data you need for a stress-free implementation.

Our software removes the need to manually enter essential information, ensuring data integrity and reducing project timescales.

Thought for the Day

Moving from Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50 Manufacturing is without doubt a project that will require your reasonable investment in time and resources but one concern you as our customer will not need to lose sleep over is the safe passage of your data to Dynamics 365 Business Central

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