How much to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP?

Qi Ltd, Microsoft Gold Partner, publishes project costs.

Want to understand the cost of a move to ERP?

Before business owners consider a move from their existing IT solution, or a set of disparate solutions, they quite rightly, want to understand what the costs could look like.  Timing the migration to a modern, robust enterprise resource solution which will support the whole business effectively is key.  One of the key factors is often, budget.

Qi is open and transparent

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to identify potential costs prior to spending valuable time and effort investigating a project, only to find that when the price tag is turned over – it isn’t within budget.

Which level of Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP implementation is right for your business?

How long does an ERP implementation take?

Read this article which explores common approaches across the IT industry to implementing software and how moving to a new system now is usually quite different to the ‘traditional’ project many business owners consider to be the norm based on previous experiences.

Qi’s conclusion based on the many projects we have completed is that an ERP implementation should take weeks, not months.

Here is the outline for three different project styles which lists the top line assumptions along with a cost indication.  Whilst Qi offers a cost indication, an ERP is not a pair of shoes.

Every project will require some level of tailoring to make sure it meets the needs of businesses and their staff.  But usually, a cost indication is sufficient for a business owner to decide whether the potential costs of a project meet the budget and their expectations, before continuing a fuller review.

What will the exact costs of a Dynamics 365 Business Central project with Qi Ltd, be?

The Qi Process:

  • Qi will discuss with you the type of project you feel is the right fit for your business.
  • We will demonstrate the software to you and discuss the functionality you will choose to use and how it fits with your current processes.
  • We will go over the training offerings and discuss what is the most effective approach for your team
  • Once we know the numbers of users and licence types and the level of services you wish to take, we will provide you with a quotation.
  • Once Qi has quoted. the project will not go over budget unless the project changes midway.  This might because you have identified system requirements not originally discussed with us that need to be included in the project.  Moreover, Qi only charges for the time delivered, thus if training or onboarding takes less time than we anticipated, you pay less than the quote. 
  • We can set up with a free 30day Business Central trial at any point during this process.

Qi Ltd understands that it is not only technical excellence but also honesty, transparency and an empathetic project approach that makes for a successful, on time and on budget software implementation.   

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