Cloud/SaaS alternative to Sage 50 Manufacturing and specific manufacturing requirements

Sage 50 Manufacturing does not have a road map.   Its use is dependent on the compatibility with Sage 50 Accounts

As a business you will increasingly need to get more from your accounting and MRP solutions to support your business.   Commercial landscapes change rapidly, and you need a solution that can meet new demands on your staff and your business.  One that you can scale cost effectively.

Signs of needing to upgrade Sage 50 

There will be various signs that the Sage 50 suite is not going to take you forward.  It might be that you need multiple stock locations, tighter stock control and better proofs and controls for operations.  One key area that will be holding you back from a sales perspective is that Sales 50 does not provide an integrated solution to manage your customer sales and the relationships you have with them.  Not having an integrated CRM will lead to manual errors and data duplication – both of which are time consuming, bad for business and costly! 

Considering upgrading Sage 50 to a SaaS solution – Dynamics 365 Business Central.  Is it right for your business? 

SaaS, or software as a service, will give your staff access to your accounting and manufacturing software via their web browsers.  Software is not installed as it already exists on the providers web service.  SaaS solutions are merely configured for your business needs.  Flexible access rights are then provided so that your staff can be trained on how to use the functionality to support their day to day jobs in the best way possible.  


Why consider SaaS? 

The costs of a project are less than a ‘traditional’ approach because software installation is not required.  Hardware costs are reduced because there is no need for an on premise or private Azure server. 

Software upgrades and the costs associated with installation become a thing of the past as updates are automatically available on your SaaS solution.  These updates can be scheduled for release at a time to suit your business. 


Meeting your requirements 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS will not only facilitate the import of your Sage 50 Accounts and Manufacturing data in full using the Qi Migrate Now process but can also be customised to meet specific requirements using Microsoft Extensions. 

 Where businesses had to rely on commissioning a bespoke application or purchasing a third-party application to interface with Sage, Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS can provide that ‘bespoke’ experience using the extensions toolkit.  There are no synchronisation or compatibility issues – it just works! 

Based on our experience thus far, it is my belief that it would be very hard indeed, for one of our customers to specify a requirement that could not intelligently be met using Microsoft extensions for Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS 

Steve Watson Managing Director Qi Ltd 


Thought for the Day 


If you think a SaaS solution is not a credible option for your Sage 50 upgrade project because you have specific and complex requirements outside of ‘core functionality’ – then think again.  Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS boasts comprehensive core features with the bonus of extensions technology which provides solutions to industry specific requirements 

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