Microsoft Business Central provides SME’s with best in class data security using SaaS

The facts about SaaS ERP data backup

What Backup does Microsoft Business Central provide?

Microsoft SaaS databases are protected by automatic backups. Full database backups are done weekly, differential database backups are done hourly, and transaction log backups are done every five minutes. Automatic backups are retained for 14 days. 

For more information, see Learn about automatic SQL Database backups. 

Business Central online is governed by Microsoft’s Modern Lifecycle Policy. This means continuous service updates and a major update every 6 months. 


Why is a SaaS ERP solution great for SME data security?

  • Knowledge – SME manufacturers in the UK are expert in all things to do with their operation but are unlikley to be an expert when it comes to data security. Using a SaaS solution allows SME’s to buy into the collective expertise of the software vendor’s security team who are focused solely on defending their servers and the data kept on them  (including yours) against constant and ever morphing data security attacks.   
  • Vulnerabilities – Every integration point and hardware device, increases the attack surface of an on-premise system, whereas a cloud-hosted environment lowers the attack surface to threats by removing the server that hosts your MRP solution. That leaves you with only your connected devices to protect.  Even if these devices are compromised in some way – your MRP data cannot be compromised.  As long as you can get on the internet from some device, somewhere you can keep processing. 
  • Scalability – Businesses can scale up or down, depending on business needs, user requirements and company growth.  As an example, Dynamics 365 Business Central starts from one user and the upper limit of its scalability has never yet been found!   If you grow in a 5 year period from 2 to 500 users – your server requirements for your user networks are none of your concern and will not pull on your pocket! 
  • Agility – As an SME in the UK you need to be able to rapidly adapt security protocols to meet constant changes and threats –  ust like the big corporations.  But this comes at a not inconsiderable cost.  When you have moved away from on-premise, legacy systems and have a SaaS in place you are automatically benefitting from the best security protocols in addition to receiving automatic updates covered by the cost of your monthly subscripoton. 
  •  Cost – Companies pay only for what they use and eliminate costs associated with maintaining and upgrading hardware infrastructure.  IRemember, it’s not just the cost of replacing a server but the back up and security costs associated with it. 
  • Better Equipment – SME’s do not have limitless IT budgets.  As a Dynamics 365 Business Central user your business will get equal access to enterprise-level, multi-million dollar hardware systems without massive capital expenditure.   Microsoft fund your server requirements under the terms of your subscription and their service level agreements legally bind them to doing so. 
  • One less human error to avoid.    We are not perfect – we are human (thank heavens).  Process automation and removing the opportunity for human error however has real and tangible benefits.  The benefit of cloud environments is a singular focus, which is essential for any business security strategy. On-premise systems are reliant on individuals and teams.  As an example – are you confident that when staff are away on holiday the physical backup procedure is still being performed?   In 60% of SME’s we polled – this was NOT the case! Cloud hosting providers monitor activity around the clock and are always prepared to react to emerging threats.  They never send an auto responder that says ‘They are on annual leave until ….. 

Thought for the Day

No solution or platform is impenetrable.  The fact is that using a reliable SaaS like Microsoft Business Central reduces the chances of your data being compromised by ransomware and other undesirable and business busting the absolute minimum without requiring you to use your valuable time and money trying to stay abreast of threats and continuous investment in the best way to avoid them

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