One year left for Windows 7 support. Don’t be left with legacy software.

We aim to highlight industry issues that are of direct relevance to our customers and colleagues whenever we can.  The support for Windows 7 ends in 12 months. It is now considered to be legacy software.

This article from Government Communications Headquarters is something you should read as it gives chapter and verse on what is now the immediate countdown to Window 7’s end of life.

The greatest concern about retaining Windows 7 machines as part of your network is security.

Once you have read the article and understood the implications for any Windows 7 machines that remain in your network, then please get in touch with Will Thompson or Mike Lannon here at Qi.

They will be able to give you some advice and discuss the most cost effective options on either upgrading the client PC’s you have to Windows 10 or replacing them altogether. They will also be able to provide some advice on mitigating risk short term.  Action is highly recommended