Qi Ltd, Bedfordshire Microsoft Gold Business Partner, recruitment special

All Businesses need to recruit the right staff to succeed and grow

The management team at Qi, passionately believes that it is its team that has enabled and continues to enable the growth and success of Qi Ltd.

As an IT Consultancy based in Bedfordshire for over 25 years, working with the right software and hardware vendors is only part of the bigger picture.

Qi continues to focus on software solutions for their target customer base of small and medium sized enterprises. Most businesses opt to implement software that is supported by a large network of business partners to ensure continuity and choice.

So how can any business partner stand out from a national network of others who work with the same software vendors as they do?

  • Costs
  • Expertise
  • Innovation
  • Customer Experience

Software costs are tightly controlled by software vendors where the model of monthly/annual subscription rather than ownership had become the norm.

Services costs can be costed honestly and transparently, based on the project requirements rather than what a business partner would like to sell you!

Expertise, Innovation and Customer Experience is something only the right team of individuals can provide to customers. This is the most important unique point of difference for any IT Consultancy.

Qi’s Team

We are proud of the incredibly low staff turnover at Qi. Staff only stay with you if they enjoy their work and when you consider that staff who work full time will spend 29.6% of their lives working – retention and succession rates will reflect on the overall state of job satisfaction. 

30% of the Qi work force has been here for 20+ years

30% of the Qi work force has been here for 10+ years (which includes team members who have been through an apprenticeship with Qi and are now valued full time team members)

(Which leaves a growth in our Team of 40% in the last 10 years)

Qi is always delighted to receive CV’s and application ‘on spec’ and have a careers page with current employment opportunities. We also work with the local colleges to support the apprenticeship model and as a result have grown the team which also supports succession planning and promotion.

For individuals who do not wish to seek an official apprenticeship, we deliver rigorous internal training and offer to fund the study and exam costs of official accreditations for the software we implement.

We also offer a range of roles including: software developers, software consultants and customer service & success assistants across, different career entry points.

Recruitment & Finders Keepers

Our strategy is to provide the right opportunity, to the right individual so they can learn, develop, and progress within the Qi Team and enjoy their working life. We aim to find the right team members and keep them! Our need to recruit tends to be to expand rather than to replace!

Our Location and our recruiting from our community

Based in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire we promote our job opportunities across our local community and neighbouring counties. We have good train and bus links thus if applicants do not drive, we are still accessible. If applicants do drive, our location benefits from a great A road network with easy Motorway access. We also have a car park. We understand that it is not only the working day that contributes to work/life happiness and balance – but also the journey to and from the workplace.

(Recruiting from our local community also makes it much easier for staff to participate in our social events if they wish to. All work and no play etc……….)

Thought For the Day

Qi is what it is, a successful, small to medium, IT Consultancy based in the Home Counties that has grown steadily over the last 25 years. Our growth and success are not due to just offering the right products to our target market. It is by a landslide, thanks to the staff who make up our team and of course our wonderful customer base.