Sage 50 Manufacturing – unable to print documents/reports

Sage 50 Manufacturing is end of life and whilst users who interface Sage 50 Manufacturing with Sage50c Accounts V27.1 and below can print documents from Sage 50 Manufacturing, an upgrade to V28 of Sage50c Accounts will remove this functionality.

Sage 50c Accounts Professional version number: 27.1.562.0 is the last and final release that will work with Sage 50 Manufacturing

Can you downgrade to V27 from V28 so Sage Manufacturing will continue working?

I am on subscription for Sage 50C already and upgraded from V27

You can restore a backup of Sage 50c data in V27.1

I am on subscription for Sage 50c Accounts Professional already and upgraded from V25

You can restore backup of Sage 50c data to Version 25 then opt to upgrade to V27.1

I was on a perpetual licence of Sage 50, V24 and upgraded to subscription V28 Sage 50c Accounts Professional

You need to restore your data back to V24 and then repeat the upgrade process, opting to install V27.1.

When I can upgrade to V28 of Sage 50c Accounts Professional?

This will only be possible when you migrate away from Sage 50 Manufacturing to a compatible, interfacing, replacement MRP solution like Cim50

Thought for the Day

If you are not ready to move from Sage Manufacturing then continue using V27.1 of Sage50c Accounts Professional and take support for Sage Manufacturing with Qi Ltd. If you are on V24 or below then upgrade to V27.1 to ensure you have MTD compliance and don’t lose functionality from your accounts package. Start exploring the ‘what next’ for your business. Qi can help! Get in touch!