Sage 50c Accounts and Brexit changes

QiCover and Brexit advice for Sage 50c Accounts users

Whilst QiCover for Sage 50 provides friendly and knowledgeable technical software support, we can’t help our customers unravel their specific Brexit related conundrums when it comes to matters like ‘What tax code should I be using?’

We are technical software experts as opposed to qualified tax advisors.

Sage UK recommends, you should take professional advice if you require specific guidance on your individual circumstances and that the best place to obtain guidance is from HMRC.  This link provides you with contact details for National Advice Service Helpline and provides more generic assistance regarding tax codes and Sage 50c accounting software

If you are using Sage accounts, this checklist takes you on a useful journey that helps you understand what you need to do based on your trading practices.

The Brexit Hub has also proven to be informative for Sage 50c Accounts users who like many SME’s in the UK are rightly concerned about remaining compliant and need to understand what the potential pitfalls might be for them in light of the Brexit trade agreement.


The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales offer useful and regularly updated information, such as their January round-up, in addition to providing a potential starting point to finding a qualified accounting consultant if you need to.

Thought for the Day

Needless to say – when you know what your business needs to get out of Sage 50c Accounts after taking advice from the relevant source – Qi will be there to technically assist and advise on how to get what you  need from your software in the most practical way