Sage 50c Professional Price Increase announced

We have been notified by Sage of a price increase to Sage 50c Professional (Sage 50 Accounts Professional for users on V24 and below).

The 10% price increase is immediate for customers who visit the Sage website to subscribe to Sage 50c Professional, but Sage Business Partners can offer the pre increase price for Sage subscription until February 2022. Your price for the first year will therefore be 10% cheaper via Qi, than with Sage UK. The price for year 2 and onwards, will be the published Sage UK prices at that time.

What does this mean for your business?

As you know, Qi Ltd have been committed to helping customers realise the very best value from their perpetual (owned) Sage versions and have as a rule of thumb*, advised you to remain on your owned licence for as long as possible to delay the inevitable step, of being forced to move to the Sage subscription model.

(*Unless there have been features in the newer versions that have reflected value for your business.)

Now is the time (in our opinion)

It has always been the case that we recommend customers upgrade their Sage versions every 4 versions. The current version is now V28.

Our recommendation is that ‘Now’ is the time to move away from legacy versions and legacy software.

If you use Sage Manufacturing, you will need to migrate away to Cim50 (or another suitable MRP). Sage Manufacturing is now at end of life (as per previous messaging) and Sage UK is no longer offering any kind of support or testing service with new versions of Sage 50c Accounts.

Thought for the Day

If you plan to remain with Sage 50 to satisfy your accounting requirements and are currently on V24 or below, please contact Qi to discuss the merits of upgrading to Sage 50c Professional on subscription whilst the pre-increase prices can still be accessed by Sage Business Partners.

If you are considering a move to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central for Cloud accounts, manufacturing, and CRM – the price increase to Sage 50c Professional subscription further strengthens the business case.

Please contact Qi to discuss the best option for you.