Sage Accounts and Sage Manufacturing Capabilities in the Cloud

Sage remains a name synonymous in the UK with accounting software with Sage 50c Accounts Professional being used by approximately 400,000 businesses in the UK alone. Sage provides regular updates and upgrades via its subscription model. Sage accounts solutions are also widely supported in the UK and are available in over twenty countries. For businesses that require multiple site capabilities and have higher transaction numbers then Sage 200 or X3 could be the right solution.

Is Sage Cloud based?

Whilst Sage 50c has some ‘cloud’ capabilities to enable remote access to your data, it still requires a server installation. Your server can be a physical one or an Azure server. However, Azure costs tend to be costly due to the technical architecture of Sage 50c.

Does Sage offer Manufacturing?

Neither Sage 50c, Sage 200 or Sage X3 have manufacturing capabilities as part of their core functionality and rely on integration with third party manufacturing modules. These are available to explore on Sage Marketplace and most are available through Sage Business Partners.  Each solution on Sage Marketplace has been approved by Sage. In addition to these ‘official’ solutions there are a number of other interfacing/integrating MRP modules from other software vendors.

As a manufacturer, is a Sage solution the right one for me?

For companies who seek a single SQL database system that is browser accessed, Sage will not fit the bill.

A business may seek to find a Cloud solution that satisfies accounting, manufacturing and contact management requirements for several reasons, below are just a few:

  • SERVER. A desire to move away from reliance on an on-site server due to the increasing expenses involved
  • COSTS. To remove the expense and inconvenience of upgrading an accounting solution along with its integrating module to maintain compatibility
  • ACCESS ANYWHERE. To access a central system from any internet capable device thus supporting satellite workers across the not just the UK but globally
  • REAL TIME DATA. To achieve the business-critical requirement of being able to access real time information, all the time and across the entire business resulting in a central point of truth.
  • AGILITY. To benefit from the agility of a solution that works with apps rather than traditional bespoke for more specific requirements which reduce costs. Microsoft for example offers AppSource which a comprehensive range of pre existing apps to satisfy particular requirements: CIS compliance or Graphical Planner for example.
  • COMPLIANCE. Supply chain compliance is often more easily satisfied through a more modern, agile, single database solution rather than those verging on ‘legacy’ or with an older style technical architecture. Think Cyber Essentials, ISO accreditations or anything for MOD and a modern ERP such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will be an ideal solution to explore as an SME who needs to scale.
  • SINGLE SOLUTION. A strong preference to work with a global software leader and single business solution that does not carry the risk of ‘discontinued,’ or ‘no longer interfaces with’ is ‘no longer approved by.’

Thought for the Day

If you are concerned about migrating your data from a Sage accounting application to a single database fully Cloud ERP, then speak to a Business Partner like Qi, who can evidence and assure you that your Sage data will be migrated in full and intact. If you are convinced that the move to a new system will take 6 months, speak to Qi. Our projects often take as little as 6 weeks from planning to going live. (Really)

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