Move on from Sage 50 Manufacturing – plan your migration

Sage 50 Manufacturing is End of Life

In August 2020, Sage UK announced the withdrawal of Sage 50 Manufacturing.  Sage UK’s recommendations for replacement software options can be navigated from this link.

Notably, the only MRP module with an official partnership with Sage UK is Cim50 by Cim Services with whom you can deal directly or via your business partner.  The software costs are the same from either source with similar project costs depending on your training requirements.  The toolkit for Data Migration is standard, ensuring your Sage Manufacturing data migrates safely from Sage 50 Manufacturing to Cim50.

Why the need to agree a plan now?

The last version of Sage 50 Manufacturing to be tested with Sage 50c account is version 27.  Version 28 is imminent.  This will not be tested by Sage UK for compatibility with Sage 50 Manufacturing.

Sage UK, from 30th September 2021 will not provide any technical support either to end users or business partners.

Therefore, unless your Sage 50 accounts package is owned outright by your business and is not on a Sage subscription model but an on-premise licence (likely Version 24 or possibly Version 25) – you must no longer accept Sage 50c upgrades when they become available

What are the options for my business?

Stay with what you have but be mindful of the pitfalls:

Qi can continue to support its existing customers and take on new support customers for those who no longer have an avenue for support.

But remember – you can not upgrade your Sage 50 Cloud Professional software past V27. If you are running Sage 50c Version 27, whilst you will now be paying subscription but can not make use of your upgrades – your version is pretty much up to date until the point that new MTD regulations come online for example, and you wish to satisfy them directly from Sage 50 Cloud professional.

Using version 24 or version 25 on premise?

If you are using an older version of Sage 50 (V24/V25 Accounts Professional) then you are NOT paying for upgrades you can’t use but you don’t benefit from the automatic MTD VAT return from within the software features along with other improvements that have become available since 2018.

Beware Microsoft (Office) 365 conflicts!

With both above scenarios, their MAY be compatibility issues relating to Microsoft Office 365 updates and Sage 50 Manufacturing.  Certain features such as Excel integration may cease to work or worst case the software itself will cease to work.

Moving to alternative solution for MRP + Sage 50 accounts

The link will take you to the options to move on from Sage 50 Manufacturing as suggested by Sage UK.

Cim50 is the only MRP that has an official partnership with Sage UK and thus is featured on the Sage UK marketplace. 

Over the last 12 months Qi has successfully migrated long time users of Sage Manufacturing to Cim50, and the feedback continues to be excellent.  The projects are not protracted and Cim has designed their interface to provide the smoothest on boarding process possible for Sage Manufacturing users.  There is more flexibility regarding the modules you need and opt to use and therefore pay for. Sage 50 Manufacturing was an ‘all or nothing’ buy in.

Cim50 is a subscription model and therefore there is no capital outlay for software.  Your business can start with the user numbers you know are needed now and scale up or down from there.

Cim50 put simply, is an excellent MRP module for businesses committed to remaining with Sage 50 accounts. 

  • Cim50 is intuitive (especially for Sage 50 Manufacturing users)
  • Cim50 has a plethora of improvements over Sage 50 Manufacturing (and a superior interface with Sage 50 accounts)
  • Cim50 is flexible
  • Cim50 offers SFDC that is reasonably priced, simple to use, ready to go and works!
  • Cim50 comes with a data migration tool to ensure your business partner migrates your Sage Manufacturing data quickly and successfully.

Cim50 and Sage 50

If you are using an older version of Sage you will need to move to the subscription model of Sage Accounts – Sage 50 Cloud Professional.

The price of subscription is the SAME whether you contract with Sage UK or your business partner.  The key difference is support.  Do you want to call a Business Partner with whom you can have a more personal relationship or the software vendor directly? If it is the former the monthly cost you pay will include support with your business partner, if the latter, the monthly cost includes support with Sage UK.

Benefits of Sage 50 Cloud Professional and Cim50 support through one source

As with Sage Manufacturing and Sage 50 Accounts Professional there is a close relationship between Sage 50 Cloud Professional and Cim50.  An error may present in one solution, but the key cause is an error in the other.  You will experience a seamless support service if you use the same source for both your Sage Cloud Professional and Cim50 support. Hearing ‘Sorry, we don’t support that you will have to call your other support company’ is frustrating and wastes time.

Start to plan in earnest and agree your project timeframe

A good Sage Business Partner should never use ‘scare’ tactics to encourage businesses to upgrade their software.  Qi is advocating that now is the time to investigate, agree, budget and plan.

  1. Consider the best onward move for your business. 
  2. Is Sage 50 Cloud Professional + MRP going to deliver the right functionality in line with your business plan?
  3. Identify the right software direction for your business and business strategy.  MRP or ERP?  On premise or Cloud?
  4. Have a demonstration of the software
  5. Ensure your business requirements are understood by your software business partner
  6. Get an accurate proposal submitted
  7. Budget for the outlay
  8. Agree a timeframe with your business partner for the project
  9. Ensure your key stakeholders are on board and are available to take training in the agreed timeframe.


Thought for the Day

Qi will support your Sage Manufacturing for as long as is practical whilst working with you to plan your move ‘onwards’ and away from legacy software

We have only been live on Cim50 for a week but we are already looking at extending our use of it! (Telecoms manufacturer – Warrington)

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